Signs Your Crested Gecko Really Loves You

1) No Stress

A happy crested gecko won't seem stressed. Look for signs like not hiding too much, normal breathing, and calm behavior.

2) Handling Comfort

If your gecko doesn't try to run away or get anxious when you hold it gently, that's a good sign. But remember, don't handle it too often.

3) Climbing on You

Some crested geckos may climb onto your hand or arm willingly. This means they trust and feel comfy with you.

4) Eating Happily

If your gecko eats and drinks when you're around, it's probably comfortable. They might skip meals if they're stressed.

5) Sleeping Out

Normally, crested geckos hide during the day, but if they're okay with you, they might sleep openly or on branches.

6) Curiosity

If your gecko looks interested in what's happening when you're nearby, it probably doesn't see you as a threat.

7) Soft Sounds

Crested geckos can make soft sounds like purring or chirping. If they do this when you're nearby, it's a sign they're at ease.

8) Relaxed Posture

A happy gecko won't be all tensed up. Its body will look relaxed and at ease. Sometimes, it will even fire-up.

9) Licking or Nuzzling

Some geckos might gently lick or nuzzle your hand, showing they're curious or comfortable. This can be subtle.

10) Consistent Behavior

If your gecko often shows these signs and doesn't seem scared or stressed when you're around, it's probably gotten used to you and feels comfy.